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250KVA/200KW Silent Diesel Generator set Engine

Professional Manufacturer Supply Diesel Engine Generator Set
295kW 360KVA Diesel Engine for Generator Set

1.The gen-set for box beam structure, integrated, no need to install the oil, smoke, exhaust, air intake and embedment.

2 .Widely applicable, indoor, outdoor, inorganic room is available, no basic requirements, can be arbitrarily placed anywhere using

3. The gen-set has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, design highlights humanization, through effective means of reducing noise design reasonable, the noise value (55-70) dB (A) @ 7m.

4. Design of forklift truck base 4 unit export, both ends of a drag hole and climbing slope design.The top design with a hanging ring, a single point lifting.

5.A base band structure of fuel tank, fuel tank capacity to meet the unit normal operation for 10 hours, and the design of the oil level display device, filler neck etc..

6. The canopy is made of sheet metal forming whole structure assembly, rainproof, rat proofing, anti foreign body structure design. The top is provided with a hanging ring for hoisting, unit, both sides are provided with anti-skid climbing ladder and convenient operation.

The base design of forklift mouth and hanging through the hole of the convenient transportation and installation.

7 silent generator set is waterproof type generator, the design of IP protection class is IP22.

8 Mufflers and exhaust pipes are all integrated in the silent canopy, the canopy inside the exhaust pipe fire insulation material wrapped part of the installation of the exhaust pipe leakage gassing rain cap to prevent rainwater from entering the muffler.

9 The roof design spiral pressure cap for easy addition of water. Front door viewing window design, plant operation at a glance. And the installation of the emergency stop switch, to prepare for emergency shutdown

10 Gen-set in all stainless steel locks and hinges, can adapt to high-intensity switch, solid. And design Bumper blocks.

11 Gen-set and cabinet properly grounded, secure identity clear. Room circuit, the electrical system must be installed moisture leakage protection device.

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